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Private Equity Investment (PE): In PE,we assist retail and institutional investors to invest in high return Personalised Investments Portfolios.

Representative Opportunities – Kenyan Market


Information & Communications Technology (ICT): Kenya is home to a large number of highly educated and innovative talents. This is illustrated by varied degrees of notable innovations for instance, as demonstrated by the all very well known MPesa Software that has been adopted by some of the best banks in the world. Investing in this sector is significantly supported by the aforementioned key success factors.

Agriculture: There are joint venture opportunities for foreign investors seeking local partners. For instance, the government has earmarked a number of industries for privatisation, such as Sugar and Cotton processing factories. Others include export-oriented agri-business, horticulture and processing of oil crops and investment in large-scale irrigation schemes.

Renewable Energy: In Kenya, energy is identified as one of the infrastructural enablers of the three pillars of Vision 2030, with an expected surge in energy use within the commercial sector on the road towards attaining the vision 2030 objective. As a result, the government has identified the need for the generation of additional energy and efficiency in energy consumption as priorities in Vision 2030.

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