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Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): In FDI, we assist companies to successfully diversify their businesses interests and activities through establishing Parent Companies, Subsidiaries, Mergers & Joint Ventures, and acquiring controlling interests in a target company.



Representative Opportunities – Kenyan Market


Environment & Natural Resources: Kenya as a country is endowed with a conducive environment, inclusive of a wide range of priority investment areas. The Environment sector ranges from climate change prediction and adaptation, catchment protection, sustainable exploitation of economically viable mineral resources to enforcement of environmental legislations. The above stated supportive factors represent the potential of fostering impressive yield gains – for varied prospective investments.

Building & Construction: Kenya has a well-developed building and construction industry with quality engineering, building and architectural design services being readily available. This industry is currently on an upward trend following the rehabilitation and reconstruction of roads and bridges under the Kenya Urban Transport Infrastructure Programme.

Manufacturing: This sector is mainly agro based at the moment and plays an important role in adding value to agricultural output by providing forward and backward linkages within the agricultural sector. However, there is a shift to export oriented manufacturing as the main thrust of Kenya’s industrial policy since the country aims to raise the share of products in the regional market from 7% to 15 % and develop niche products for existing and new markets. Under the backdrop of these key policy reforms, Kenya is promoting development of Special Economic Zones (SEZs), Industrial Parks, Industrial Clusters, promotion of small and medium scale manufacturing firms, development of niche products and commercialisation of research and development results.


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