Building Robust Ventures

Our expertise provides our esteemed clients with access to a portfolio of inaccessible, high-return, and diversified investment opportunities within the African continent – in line with the spirit of Building Robust Ventures.

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Knowledge, Integrity & Credibility

We are an Investment Advisory Enterprise dedicated to disseminating sustainable and impact investing know-how. We utilise an impeccable impact-oriented driven approach to generate substantial returns to our esteemed clients, comprising: investors, investees and society at-large. This is in line with our corporate identity that emphasises upon a high ethical culture depicting – Knowledge, Integrity & Credibility.

Our Services

1 / Foreign Direct Investment

We assist companies to successfully diversify their businesses interests and activities through establishing Parent Companies, Subsidiaries, Mergers & Join Ventures, and acquiring controlling interests in a target company.

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2 / Private Equity Investment

We assist retail and institutional investors to invest in high return Personalised Investments Portfolios.

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3 / Private-Public-Partnerships

We assist retail and institutional investors to invest in high return investments by sharing investment responsibility and interests with African National Governments.

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4 / Capacity Building

We organise high-level annual seminars focusing on business progressive development, together with quarterly B2B workshops and symposiums.

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News & Knowledge

Kenya: A Strategic Focus

ASV is currently focusing on the Kenyan Investment Landscape. Kenya is the largest and most advanced economy in East and Central Africa. Its GDP accounts for more than 50 per cent of the region’s total and in terms of current market prices, its 2014 GDP stood at $58.1 billion. Kenya is the largest and the…

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Google to open Nairobi office for Africa venture

CSquared, a broadband infrastructure company established by Google, has set its sights on African deals after four investors including Google itself signed an agreement to invest up to $100 million (Sh10.3 billion) in the company. The four investors are Google, pan-African ICT–focused private equity firm Convergence Partners, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and Mitsui &…

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Jack Ma’s team of Chinese billionaires arrives in Kenya to hunt for deals

Jack Ma, the founder and executive chairman of Chinese e-commerce behemoth Alibaba, jetted into Nairobi Wednesday evening, starting a packed two-day visit that peaks with a public appearance at the University of Nairobi this afternoon to offer Kenyan youth tips on how to build successful business empires. Mr Ma, who is currently Asia’s richest man…

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We focus on the following highly productive industries that provide our esteemed clients with substantial Returns-On-Investment (ROI): Agribusiness, Renewable Energy, Health Care, Information & Communications Technology (ICT), Education, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Building & Construction.

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